Places to visit in the neighbourhoods :

     To 10 min with feet of the inn, you can traverse the botanical path and discover the Baume's grotto ...

Clic on the picture to enlarge   The path goes over rich alluvial tableland, then comes down slowly and abruptly towards the dry vale of the Laigne. The Baume's grotto is situated on the border of this vale.
    The important variety of the plant life on a small surface, run of 1,2 km, explains very well the great wealth of the local flora.
    Nearby the traditional forest trees such as : sessile oak, beech, hornbeam you'll meet species more uncommon like : howan tree, maple, lime with large leaves. On this path the herbaceous vegetation and the ground are very various
    All in all, there are 20 forest trees and 10 bushes and shrubs, which are described on signs. During summer, more than 80 grassy species are noticed on boards.

Clic on the picture to enlarge     The grotto of Balot like many other caves, is called La Grande Baume. The name comes from the celtic word "Balma" wich means cavern.
This grotto is situated among other caves and it's the biggest one.
The grotto is a cavity excavated in the bathonian limestone (jurassic period), with a huge entry protected by a rocky porch roof, facing west. It overhangs the dry Laigne valley.

Clic on the picture to enlarge     During the paleolithic age,
20 000 years ago, the hunters used this grotto as a shelter.
    Since 1834, excavations had permetted to find many prehistoric tools. Besides, animals bones, dating from the last ice age had been discovered : horse, bear, rein deer, fox, wolf, hyena, marmot, rhineceros, mammoth.

     To 9 km walk around sumptuous lakes and ponds
and practise fishing :

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  The lake of Marcennay

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  The pond of Bailly

     To 12 km discover on the heights of the small village
of Poinçon-les-Larrey, the valley its vines and its cultures :

  Clic on the picture to enlarge   Clic on the picture to enlarge   Clic on the picture to enlarge
  The church of Poinçon-les-Larrey

     To 15 km visit the small town of Châtillon-sur-Seine :

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  The Seine

  Clic on the picture to enlarge   Clic on the picture to enlarge
  The church of Saint Vorles, the oldest church of France (991)

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  The resurgence of Douix

  The museum of Châtillon-sur-Seine and its vase of Vix

Web site : Town hall of Châtillon-sur-Seine

     To 18 km visit the remarkable Abbey of Molesmes :

  Clic on the picture to go to the website of the abbey of Molesmes

     To 20 km visit majestic Abbey of Fontenay :

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Web site : Abbey of Fontenay

     To 30 km, the full heart of the forest of Châtillon-sur-Seine visit the abbey of the Val des Choues :

  where many huntings at court are organized there

Carry on your road of the castles and abbeys in Burgundy on
Web site : The road of the Dukes of Burgundy

     To 30 km, become immersed again in the iron and steel history by visiting the large forging mill of Buffon (XVIII century) :

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     To 40 km, find the places of the battle of Alesia which haunts the memory of famous Vercingétorix :


     and not far from there, pass by Flavigny on Ozerain to taste famous anisated candies there :


     To 45 km, visit the medieval city of Semur in Auxois :

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     To 50 km discover the vintages wines of Chablis :
  The vintages wines of Chablis

Web site : The vintages wines of Chablis

  We present to you here the principal tourist centers of the area.
This is far from to be exhaustive and we invite you to discover the whole of the richnesses of the pays Châtillonnais while remaining with the Inn of the Baume...



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